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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Holiday Photos - Our 3 Handsome Nephews at Selby Gardens

This is part of a series of posts containing 2013 Holiday Photos of us, our family, and friends - We've been holding off posting these until we were sure everybody's holiday cards went out! More posts coming up soon!  Enjoy!

We are very lucky to have three handsome nephews who live right here in town, ages 7, 5, and 4. (You may recognize them from last year's Christmas card photos and this post about my favorite lens, the 135mm f/2.) We get to see them a lot and they are tons of fun. We're also lucky because their parents usually let us invade their house at a ridiculously early hour on Christmas morning to watch them open gifts! They're at the perfect age right now for experiencing the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas. 

We decided to take them to the grand opening of the new Children's Garden at Selby Gardens in November, and while we were there, we took some photos for their holiday cards this year. Afterwards, the boys had a great time exploring the new kids' area.

Check out these handsome boys:

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