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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Photos - Our "Self Portraits" for 2013 at Lemon Bay Park in Englewood

This is part of a series of posts containing 2013 Holiday Photos of us, our family, and friends - We've been holding off posting these until we were sure everybody's holiday cards went out! More posts coming up soon! Enjoy!

I've been a slacker at blogging lately. I have a couple of beach portrait sessions from back in November that haven't made it to the blog yet, but instead of doing that, I decided to write about our own holiday card photos.

We take photos for other people all the time (obviously), but doing our own is always a challenge.

We decided to do our holiday card photos at Lemon Bay Park in Englewood this year. We also decided to do them with a remote instead of asking someone to push the button (our usual button pusher was out of town, and I was being impatient). Once we got going, we figured out that the remote didn't have enough range, so we had to use the timer instead. Poor Jason had to run back and forth about 20 times to press the button. Badger was distracted and uncooperative. He even drooled on my dress! Ugh! (You can see some of the "outtakes" at the end of this post.)

Side note: A year ago, we weren't even sure Badger would make it to this year's Christmas card photos. He had a huge fatty tumor on him that was growing exponentially, he was losing weight, and was lethargic and acting sick and old most of the time (he's 9 1/2). Six months ago, we had his lump removed ( and since then, he's made a miraculous recovery! He's gained weight (maybe a little too much, actually) and he is acting like a puppy again! He drives us nuts all the time like he used to years ago. This is a good thing, so I guess we can forgive him being a little hyper during the photos! We're just glad he is IN the photos!

Back to the photos... After all the trouble, we finally managed to get one "winner" - not perfect, but not bad either considering the circumstances! So, having shared all of that... We'd like to wish all of our family, friends, customers, and fans HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We look forward to capturing your memories in 2014!

(Don't forget, you have until December 31 to use coupon code "holiday2013" to receive 20% off any order over $25 from our website!)

And, our holiday cards from TinyPrints came out great:


Have fun looking at these outtakes!





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