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Monday, June 4, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions: How Can I Get Retouched Digital Files?

Planning to purchase the gallery download from your beach portrait session? It's our most popular item!

Want those pesky beachcombers and photobombers removed from the background of your photos? Here's how to get retouched digital downloads from your beach portrait session:

Step 1: You purchase prints of your favorite images from your session.

We know, we know... Nobody wants prints anymore. You just want to post your photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Unfortunately, digital downloads purchased through our website are instantaneous. When you place your order, there is no opportunity for us to retouch the photos before the link for you to download them is generated.

The same is not true of prints, however. When you order prints, we have a 1 week "proof delay" where we have the opportunity to retouch your photos before they are printed and shipped. THIS is why we need you to order prints if you want retouching.

Important: Please don't order your digital files at the same time as your prints!... Keep reading!

FYI - We use a professional retouching service to fix up your photos and make everyone look his/her best! This costs us around $5 per image (sometimes more, depending on what needs to be done). Once we subtract the retouching cost, the base cost of the print from our lab, and SmugMug's cut, we pretty much break even when you order a 5x7 print... 

Step 2: Your prints ship and you get a shipping notice and/or an email from us saying we have completed your order.

It is very important that you wait for this notice before you order your digital files!

Step 3: You order your digital files, and the retouched images are now included in your gallery.

When you purchase a gallery download of your session, you will receive a link in your email to download the files.

You can also order individual downloads of only specific images if you prefer:

(Tip: Use our "Favorites" feature to keep track of your favorites, and to order your prints and individual digital files.)

We hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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