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Monday, August 18, 2014

About Us - Our Trip to Japan! Part 3 - Hiroshima, Miyajima, and Kitakyushu

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Part 3: Hiroshima, Miyajima and Kitakyushu

Our next stop was Hiroshima. We visited the A-Bomb Dome and the Peace Museum.

Afterwards, we had Okonomiyaki for lunch - this was my favorite meal of the trip! Yum!

The next day was very rainy. We were in Japan during the rainy season, but this was the only day that the rain really ruined our plans. We ended up visiting a shopping arcade (covered shopping street) and trying out Karaoke! Fun!

The next day, before we headed to Tomoko's parents' house, we went to Miyajima. (This was what we had planned to do the day before.) This was probably the coolest place we visited. There are wild deer there that wander the streets and walk right up to you. There is also a famous Shinto shrine there.

For the last part of our trip, we stayed at Tomoko's parents' house. They drove us all over Kitakyushu and the surrounding area and welcomed us into their home. (Again, we offer a huge "Arigato"- Thank You!) We did lots of shopping and ate more wonderful food, including a conveyer belt sushi restaurant (cool!). We also spent one night in an Onsen (hot bath) hotel while we were in Kitakyushu, which was wonderful!

This was really the trip of a lifetime and we cannot thank our friend Tomoko and her parents enough for their help and hospitality!

After two weeks of traveling, we were ready to come home. Getting there was no easy task! Since our rail passes were expired, we took a domestic Japanese flight from Kitakyushu to Tokyo. Then we took a bus from there to a second Tokyo airport. After spending several hours waiting in the airport, we boarded our 13 hour flight to Atlanta. We had a layover there as well, and then flew home to Sarasota. By the time we actually got to our house, we had been traveling for 31 hours!  Phew!

Thanks for reading about our adventure! Stay tuned to our blog for more beach portrait sessions coming soon!

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