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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to Work! - Siesta Key Beach Portraits - Brueck Family

We just got back a little more than a week ago from a 2 week vacation in JAPAN! It was amazing, and we hope to share some photos here soon. 

Sorry I've been a little slow keeping the blog active the past week or so - we've been busy AND jet-lagged - not a great combination! (I scheduled lots of posts for while we were away, but since we returned I've been LAZY about blogging! Sorry!) 

We're finally feeling "normal" again this week and we're ready to share some more beautiful family beach portraits... starting with the Brueck Family!

We met the Bruecks on Siesta Key last week. It was a bit overcast. If you didn't know already, an overcast sky is actually much better for photos than a bright, sunny sky. We always wish for clouds at our beach portrait sessions! We really love the way these photos "pop!" The Bruecks were a lot of fun and we loved capturing these vacation memories for them!

Here are a few of our favorites:

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