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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jason Talks Gear - Canon 135mm f/2L

This is part of a series of blog entries written by Jason about the more technical side of Jason Scott Photography. 

(Hmm... That's not entirely true... this is Allyson writing about our gear this time! So this blog post will probably not be technical AT ALL. Sorry...) 

We bought a new lens recently that I am really excited about - We'll be using it sometimes on weddings (possibly in place of the 85mm if we are in a church where we can't get quite as close as we'd like), but mostly we've been using it for personal stuff right now, just for fun. (My favorite kind of gear purchase!)

It's the Canon 135mm f/2 L and I think I might just super glue it to my t2i (my "smaller" non-professional DSLR that I use for taking photos of our dog and our nieces and nephews) and never give it back to Jason! I  absolutely LOVE this lens! 

Here are some fun photos I took a few weeks ago of our handsome nephews, enjoying summer and catching some waves at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club on Lido Key! The 135mm was able to focus quickly which made for some really cool photos of water droplets and crashing waves! (The boys are awfully cute too, which helps!)

We've also been travelling a lot this summer. We went to Europe (hopefully the subject of a future blog post by Jason - we bought a new wide angle lens just for the trip!) and then we went to Upstate NY to visit family. Jason took some great photos of our niece and our friends' kids using this lens. It did a great job! And as he would say, "Check out that background blur!"Awesome!


PS - Jason's reminded me that we used this lens a couple of months ago for some engagement photos too - I guess I have to accept the fact that this is not simply a new toy for me to play with...

Sarasota Engagement Photos by Jason Scott Photography

Sarasota Engagement Photos by Jason Scott Photography

So far, the 135mm has been a great addition to our gear. Stay tuned for more photos using this lens in the future! 

To find out more about the professional gear we use when we photograph Sarasota Weddings and Siesta Key Beach Portraits, click here.

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