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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jason Talks Gear - The Canon 1D mkIII

Usually our blog entries are written by Allyson, but starting today and every so often from now on, you'll get to hear from Jason about some of the technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes when we take photos. You'll also get a glimpse of some of our personal photos and things we do when we're not busy photographing Sarasota Weddings and Siesta Key Beach Portraits. Enjoy!

I’m a big fan of the original Canon 5D. For the money, it is the best camera available. I have since purchased two 5D mark II cameras and find them to be exceptional. 


I also have a Canon 1D mark III. This camera is part of Canon’s flagship "one series," and it is a completely different shooting experience. The camera also has a lot of practical advantages, but the largest single advantage is the 10 frames per second of shooting speed.

The 1D mark III’s high frame rate makes it the ideal camera for photographing kids. I can put this camera in program mode, use the AI focus, and let it rip. It is great for catching the fleeting moments and expressions that get lost between shots on the 5D. 

I use the 1D mark III more than all my other cameras combined; it is the camera I grab when Allyson and I are hanging out with the family. Our nieces, nephews, and dog have seen a lot of this camera, and we have thousands of great photos to show for it. 

Here are some examples:




On the job, family beach portrait sessions have benefited greatly from the 1D Mark III’s performance. The formal family portrait is shot on the Canon 5 series, but the running / walking candid photos are shot on the Canon 1 series. 

Here are some great action shots from some recent beach photos sessions:

Siesta Key and Longboat Key Beach Portrait Samples by Jason Scott Photography

Siesta Key and Longboat Key Beach Portrait Samples by Jason Scott Photography

To find out more about the professional gear we use when we photograph Sarasota Weddings and Siesta Key Beach Portraits, click here.

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