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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions: Will you retouch our photos?

Please see this updated post for current information about retouching!

One question we are often asked by potential customers is, "Will you retouch our photos before we order prints?" The short answer is, "Yes!" Read on for a more detailed explanation!

We can control a lot of things when we get ready to take photos - lighting and posing for example. Unfortunately, we can't always control what is going on behind our subjects. Sarasota and the surrounding areas are home to many beautiful photo locations. These locations are also favorite "hot spots" for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the sun, sand, and tropical greenery of the area. Therefore, there are often people, boats, bicycles, cars, or other distractions in the background of an otherwise nice photo.

When we do a photoshoot, we often take hundreds of photos. It would be very tedious and time consuming for us to edit every single photo to remove the family enjoying the beach in the background of your family portrait! But, obviously, you don't want them in the background of the enlargement hanging your living room. Never fear, we have a solution already worked out for this problem!

When you order prints from our website, there is a "proof delay" that occurs behind the scenes. During this time, we view your order online and see which prints you have selected. We then retouch the photos, crop them just right, and re-upload them to the online album so they can replace the non-retouched photos that were there before. You can view the retouched photos online as soon as we complete the order, so you'll be able to see what you are getting. We have allowed ourselves 7 business days for this delay, but if we finish early (as we almost always do) we'll send your order on its way right  away.

Here are a few examples of the retouching work we do that is included for free with every photography package:

With small children, it's often hard to get low enough and close enough to the ground. But we were able to make this beach portrait totally adorable with a little cropping and retouching to remove the people from the background:


For this family portrait on Siesta Key, there were a lot of little things to remove from the background, a hazard of taking photos at a public beach.


Again, we removed background distractions from this photo, but also decided on a totally different crop because we wanted to focus on what this little girl was doing with her hands in the photo:


In this "Sports and Lifestyle" photo for Center for Sight, the background left something to be desired. They also requested that we make the logo on his hockey jersey bigger, which we did. We can also make any photo black and white or sepia by request.


For more answers to your questions about our print ordering process, please visit this page on our site!

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